Friday Night Smackdown 8-13

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So Vickie Guerrero started the show, she truly is one of the most annoying people in wrestling I’ve ever seen.  I don’t even love to hate her I just hate her. 

Dolph Zigler came out and I have to admit I was happy when he won the intercontinental championship.  Though I liked him better when he was a member of the spirit squad.  Then he and Vickie delivered a pretty good promo.  Dolph is a little stiff with the microphone and it seems like he is spending more time trying to remember his lines than deliver a good promo.  Which is funny cause I’ve always felt that way about Vickie too.

Then Kofi Kingston came out and attacked Dolph and beat down on him till some referee’s came out and interupted.  Then Teddy Long came out and announced that there would be a rematch between Kofi and Dolph at Summerslam.  And that Dolph would have to wrestle Rey Mysterio on smackdown.  Then Vickie insisted that Kofi wrestle Kane.  Kofi agreed and wanted the match next.

I’m not a big fan of Kofi as I think his gimmick is silly.  Not to suggest that Kane’s gimmick isn’t silly either.  I wish they’d stop with the supernatural fire control thing he does.  Their match wasn’t what I would call fantastic as it was a rather sluggish match over all.  The injured foot/ankle was a pretty good twist to the match.  But Kane won and it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

Kane is an excellent champion and its good to see him with a pretty decent title run.  Kane performed another promo just as good as his previous promos but sadly just as repetitive as the previous promos.  He pretty much said everything he’d said before.  Rey Mysterio interupted Kane’s stupid fire thing he does.  Ray delivered a somewhat good promo but in the end he said a lot of what he’d said before too. 

Ok i have to agree with the announcers on this one, I LOVE Dashing Cody Rhodes’ theme song too.  But him versus Christian I predicted from the getgo that Cody would win.  The WWE is really pushing Cody right now and let’s face it they never really know what to do with Christian.  He gives some of the best promos in the business but his abilities seem to confuse those in creative.  Cody did deliver a beautiful alabama slam on christian at one point.  And no surprise Cody won.

The big show in a 3 on 1 squash match.  I wanted to time the match because i doubted it would last more than 5 minutes but I refrained myself.  I think it lasted less than 2.  The Straight Edge Society promo was pretty awesome.  I actually laughed out loud at a couple points.

Is it wrong of me that I feel sorry for Matt Hardy?  His run with Drew Mcintyre hasn’t been all that awesome for him.  I’m all for the heels humiliating the babyfaces as much as possible but at some point the babyface has to get over and get over good.  I really don’t think that has happened for Matt at any point.  So in this match between the two of them I would have liked to see that happen this time.  But once again Drew gets over.  Hopefully this will lead to Matt getting over good in the near future.

Jack Swagger, I’m a big fan, his promos could be better and this one was no exeption but they’re usually fairly decent.  I think its unfair to judge him by his lisp.  I just have a hard time believing that he believes what he says.  In other words his acting skills aren’t up to snuff.  The diarrhea line was hilarious though.  And he delivered it very well.  But we’ve seen swagger verses MVP before and it was ok but to have this lead into Summerslam wasn’t enough time to build it up.  But MVP is one of the best at delivering promos right now.  These two could have a great run against each other if they did it right.  But they should focus more on each match being fantastic and having a different winner nearly every time.  Rather than focus on personality differences.  A guy from the streets and an all american athlete should have a great run just on that fact alone.

During the commercial apparently Teddy Long apparently decided to make a match between these two as soon as the break was over.  To the announcers, not everything is made of steel ok?  Steel chairs I guess I can buy that.  steel steps that is most likely true.  But steel microphones? 

If I had wrtten this I would have swagger win the match, grab a micophone and challenge MVP to a rematch in summerslam where MVP would have won.  The focus should be on the win/loss record between them, it should matter most but instead they decided to have MVP get the quick win after being beat down most of the match.  And surprisingly no Summerslam for either of them so far.

Another public service announcement from Dashing Cody Rhodes about earwax.  At least they’re short.

These promos of Alberto Del Rio take too long and seem pretty pointless.  He seems like he might be good in the ring with a mic in his hand but how many weeks of these video taped promos do we have to see?  Finally, he’s going to appear on smackdown next friday.

Dolph vs Rey Mysterio.  If I liked Rey at all I might have looked forward to this match.  But Kane kind of interupted the match though didn’t really interfere.  He just wheeled a casket down to the ring and stood and watched.  I know WWE likes the Dolph character a lot but I also know how much WWE creative just LOVES Rey Mysterio so I predicted a win for Rey at the beginning.  And I was right.  Then Kan and Mysterio duked it out for a bit until Kane was knocked into his own casket.  Then smackdown ended. 

I have to say smackdown as a whole has become more entertaining than it has been for the past year but they still have a lot of performers I just don’t like.


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