How Stumbleupon Increases Bukisa Revenue

Stumbleupon is a great way to increase you article views and thus increase your income on Bukisa. Stumbleupon is one of the most populr social bookmarking sites, and is increasing popularity by each passing minute as more people submit links.

Stumbleupon works by having its many users to discover and rate random web pages, and also other various things like videos and photos. Stumbleupon gets many new various finds, which it shows to its ten million+ of other users!

I have been using Stumbleupon for a long time to advertise my Bukisa Articles, and to advertise many other various things, and they have brought back fantastic results (and great profits).

now let me get on to the good stuff, Stumbleupon users enjoy humor, so i would try to add some humor to those written articles.

after you write an article, you can wait until it gets reviewed and published or you can just do it right away.

Step 1: get the Stumbleupon toolbar addon for Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: write your article/alredy go to your written articles and click the “I like it” button on the toolbar.

Step 3: this will take you to a screen which asks for the the topic and a small review of the page (mine are usually 5 words long).

Step 4: after your done click “submit”.

step 5: watch your articles gain increased views from the exposure, and watch the profits kick in!

good luck!

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