Is Global Warming Still an Issue Internationally?

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Global warming has been the biggest scam the world has ever seen. It has been such a scam than when people living through cool summers saw through it, the name was changed to “Climate Change.” The alarmist theatrical movie that was supposed to warn us of the dangers of global warming, The Day After Tomorrow, had no global warming in it. Rather the great Global Warming movie depicted the dangers of global cooling.

If Global Warming is not about Global warming what is it about? Global warming is about watermelons. Watermelons are green on the outside and red on the inside. Similarly, the more radical proponents of Global Warming have only pretending to be Green environmentalists. In the reality they are Red Marxists intent on destroying capitalism and reducing the United States to third world status. The truth of this is obvious to any honest person. Notice that almost all of the solutions given by the radical Warmers involve the transfer of wealth from people who earned it to people who did not earn it. A sure sign of communism in the works. Furthermore notice that the most optimistic of honest and intelligent assessments of the new, green energies that are supposed to come on line and the green jobs they are supposed to produce is that they will make no appreciable impact for 50 years. Think carefully about that. What honest and intelligent pro green energy people are saying is: Yes we can go green, but the scope of the American economy and the number and scale of the infrastructure projects is so staggering that it will take 50 years of preparation just to start getting truly green. Part of that 50 years will required to create the technological breakthroughs that prevent green energy from taking over the world right now. To name one problem among many, solar cells which convert sunlight into electricity work at less than 25% efficiency and require toxic, fossil fuel energy intensive methods to produce. New less toxic methods will need to be discovered and the efficiency needs to be doubled. We will do these things but it will take time.

Simultaneous to telling us to that we must use a non existent green infrastructure now, the Marxists in power are trying to ban and limit all our existing fossil fuels and they hate nuclear energy. Interesting, we are told we can not use any energy we have in abundance, but that we must switch now to energy that doesn’t exist yet. It is almost as though our adversaries in other countries had bribed everyone in our power structure to destroy the United States.

Cap and trade is a particularly bad joke. It is a tax on breathing and a wealth redistribution scheme.

Let us forget reason, honesty and common sense for a moment. Let us entertain the fantasy of man made global warming for a little while. Let us posit that Climate Change exists and that man is doing it. What would be a reasonable way to stop it? Well before we get to that, let’s see what an unreasonable Marxist idiot who true goal was to destroy the United States would do. He would blame the west for Global warming and seek to destroy our economies. Well that explains everything that is going on today. But we promised ourselves we would entertain the fantasy that space aliens abducted all the Global warmers, took the Communist Manifesto out of their heads and transplanted brains into their craniums.

Magically, the Climate Changers would gain the ability to perform elementary arithmetic. And when you have the following problem, they would actually get the right answer! The problem is, you have billions of people in China and India with few or no effective environmental laws. These billions of people are actively trying to get refrigerators and cars for ever man jack one of them. Compare this to the entire population of the Western world who have environmental terrorists beating the crap out of them day and night. Which one will produce more pollution?

That’s right, India and China. And so what should you do to stop this mythical Climate Change? That’s right, learn Mandarin and Hindi and leave the West forever. Everyone whose mind you need to change about how to use energy lives in India or China.

Meanwhile back at the real world, the Green Marxists in our midst are still using environmental terrorist tactics to destroy capitalism. Since India and China refuse to sign up to any Climate Change treaty, the west will destroy itself and China, India, Russia and possibly Venezuela will rule and pollute the world. If by some odd chance Global Warming does exist, we are all going to die because no one is talking to the only people who could stop it.

Global Warming and Climate Change

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