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So, I have been there, done that and worn the t-shirt, but why participate in the 60 day challenge again? Well, I want to make money online. I raised my income the first time I completed the 60dc and I believe that it will give me another push in the right direction this time too. Not only did I raise a sustainable passive income, but learned invaluable new marketing strategies that have become an integral part of my online marketing today. This is purely down to the team support that I received and participated in. You can learn too from my progress back then by clicking:

Now, you can watch me grow  by clicking here:

Make Money Online With A Hublog

Now, this is my hublog and will contain my development in the form of a diary, links to the hubs of the 30 day challenge and log of traffic increaments over the 60 day period. This is not dissimiliar to my first challenge hublog –

New Marketing Strategies: Online Promotion – 60 Day Challenge Log.

This is an on-going article which tracks my progress – come learn with me and the 60dc for new marketing strategies in order to increase money from online articles!

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