How TO Show Affection

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            Showing love to others boost humanity, creativity, generosity and more positive things in the world. We can settle disputes by way of love only. No history in the world can say that the methods of violence had sorted out any fights, difference of opinions between kingdoms or countries or people. Love has such an enormous power that even put life of a man who has done cold-blooded murder, in a good path by winning over his heart based on good guidance by means of love. Love refers to affection between mother and her child, wife and husband, a girl and a boy, friends etc.

Compared to above-mentioned loves, what is more significant one is that love between unconnected persons who do not have any family relationship, business relationship at all.

For instance, on hearing the sufferings of persons at an end of the world, persons, who are at the other end of the Globe, caress greatly for them and will extend their serving arms, irrespective of their country, language, religion, etc. monetarily or non monetarily. This type of love (is called humanitarian love), which is required at this time, to sort out all difference between people globally.

I show you how to develop this type of love from the following points.


Improving of tolerance power is must for showing love towards other people. How mother tolerates child’s disturbances and provide care for her child is a most known and notable fact. This much of tolerance is essential for a person to become a loveable person to all.


            The person who is keen on offering love to other persons is supposed to have attitude to forgive others. Then only, he can move with people easily and share his love for the betterment of society.


            A person should strive to liberate people from troubles, whenever they are trapped into the natural calamities which include flood, famine, earthquake etc., offering food, clothes, medicines, money, establishing the camps for staying, etc., are necessary services during natural disasters. He can show love to other people by offering these types of affections.

Care for old parents

            Old father and mother need proper care. As a human being, a person is required to treat his old parents carefully, love them whole-heartedly by offering food, medicines, etc, on time. On seeing or hearing this love towards his parents, most of the people in the society will like him and go by his words. Reciprocally, he can also express his love towards them.

Politeness and Humbleness

            When a person moves with other people in a polite and humble manner, he can attract every people towards him. Expressing of love through this method is easily possible.


            Love can only provide long lasting solution for problems. So, love all.


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