Why Enabling is Never a Good Idea

http://movies.yahoo.com/news/usmovies.accesshollywood.com/– Michael Lohan, outspoken father of Lindsey Lohan, feels that even a brief move to New York will not stop her daughter from winding up being a part of the Hollywood party scene again. Lindsey is currently in court-ordered rehab, but this is no guarantee that she will come out clean. As any addict knows, staying away from your old “haunts” and establishing new relationships is one of the keys to successful rehabilitation. Having an equally outspoken mother who keeps enabling her daughter’s behavior is a sure way to keep Lindsey from facing her problems.

The Lohans are a nightmare example of what happens when people have an angry divorce. In this case, because their daughter was a child star, they both are guilty of airing their family’s dirty laundry in public. The media loves it and Lindsey is caught in the middle of this very public embarrassment. It is no wonder she fell into partying and abuse of substances both illegal and legal. One can imagine the pressure that she lives with. Even though she is a legal adult, partly due to her “celebrity” status and partly because of her parents, being successful at rehab is going to take inner strength. Time will tell if she possesses this strength.

Her mother’s rantings about how sending her daughter to jail and then rehab are discriminatory and wrong are only fueling the denial that surrounds this young woman’s addiction. It is so obvious to see that she is either unwilling or unable to accept the fact that her daughter’s party habits and behaviors have been out of control. Yes, it is somewhat normal for young 20-somethings to go out, drink alcohol and have fun. With Lindsey, it is not normal behavior and it clearly is a sign of someone crying for help. As long as her mother blames everyone else for Lindsey’s “problems”, how can Lindsey face her truth? If her mother really is only concerned about how her daughter’s fame can subsidize her lifestyle then that is really sick. Michael Lohan is an admitted addict, recovering, but still admits that he had a problem which deals with. The marriage was obviously a volatile one and who knows what Lindsey witnessed. It is not impossible to think that because of her upbringing she may have an addiction problem. Couple that with growing up as a child star and transitioning into young womanhood, of course the girl may have a problem.

Although many parents do not have the added pressure of their family secrets being splashed all over the celebrity trash magazines, but acceptance that your child has an addiction is none the less easier to do. Even children from “good” families can fall victim to drug addiction. It takes tough love on a parents part to deal with addiction but in order to save your child, that is what you need to do. Enabling only encourages the behavior and puts your child at risk of dying of a drug overdose or winding up in jail. Whether your child is a teen or an adult, they are still your child and you are still concerned about their life. Accepting the truth and facing it is hard but even though enabling may seem like the easy way out, it is living a lie that could kill your child.

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