Straighten Hair Ways

Do you know that straight hair can contribute higher level of comfort? Straight hair tends to provide an additional protection for ears and necks against the cold. Straight hair is in. People with curly hair will do anything to get their hair straighten.

There are various ways to straighten your hair. Not all of them are good for your health. The classic product for that is Hairdressings & Silicone Creams. Apply it over your damp hair and comb straight. The oil will coat your hair and prevent them from curling up when they dry. This product is does not damage your hair and is relatively inexpensive. The downside is you will feel greasy on your hair.

If you want fast result then you can use gel. After taking a shower, brush your hair straight and apply a nickle size gel to your hair. Try to focus more on the ends and make sure you use wide fingers.

Another common way is blow drying. This is done by straighten your hair with a comb and blow dry it and it will hold the straight position. It is very simple but depend heavily on the skill of person who do it. Asking a hairdresser to do it will be expensive. If you want to save money, get a good hair dryer and try combing out those curls your self.

If you have really curly hair, try using flat iron. When your hair is wet, comb it and a flat iron to get it straight. This is easy to do, but is more damaging than blow dryer.

Another affective way to straighten your hair is by using Japanese Hair Straightening. You might know it by several different names like Thermal Reconditioning, Straight Perm, and Japanese Straight Perm. It is a process of shampooed, heated under intense heat lamps, flat ironed, and then the whole process again. It’s very expensive but very effective.

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