Do Not Lose Your Money in Work From Home Scams.

One of the offers for works from home scam is the well known
‘repackaging fraud’ executed by those fraudsters in a very clever and
cunning way. In this type of work, the home based worker is required
to take delivery of certain goods, repack them and after that mail the
same to a far off address for which the home based workers are
promised a considerable amount of money. However the pity is that the
worker may not be aware that the goods were paid for with stolen
credit cards.

As a result the innocent home based worker also becomes a party in
receipt of and mailing of stolen goods devoid of their knowledge. It
becomes most horrible when the home based worker is asked to take
delivery of the goods that arrives at his door step, repackage it  in
a safe and sound way with their own hard earned money and after that
an assurance is doled out  that it will be repaid to them  at  the
time of their other   payments!

After that they are told that whatever is due to them will be paid by
way of a bearer check and very strangely it will be for an amount that
is more than what is payable.

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