Will Increasing Memory (Ram) Fix A Slow Computer?

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  If a computer is running slow, it could mean a lot of things. If you blindly increase the RAM hoping that it would solve it, you will be more frustrated when you find the problem to be still there and buying RAM was a waste of money.

The first thing that you must do to fix a slow computer is to find the cause. And, the cause of this issue is very rarely the insufficient RAM. Most of the time, it is just one application or a process that has decided to exploit your computer.

Look at the below screenshot of the ‘Performance’ tab of the task manager.

 What do you think from the picture above? This computer is slow and you have to fix it.. It was slow when the screenshot was taken. Do you think increasing the memory will make this computer faster?

 The answer is ‘No’. The computer has 1 GB of memory and 150 MB of RAM is still free. It is a lot of room and there is still memory space for more applications. I am saying this based upon the picture above. The thing that is really screwing up the PC’s performance is the CPU usage.

If you have 10% of your memory free, it just means that 90% of your memory is used by other processes. That is normal and it really depends on the number of processes and their requirements.

But if an application is taking more than even 5% of CPU, then it is not normal. The screenshot shows that the CPU usage is 34 % and here is certainly something wrong; a process is misbehaving.

You need to find the process that takes more CPU and troubleshoot accordingly. Read this article for details steps:  100% Cpu: How To Fix It? – A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

In general, adding more memory doesn’t improve a computer’s performance. It just adds more working space for applications. It makes sense to upgrade your memory when you want another big application to be installed and the memory you have in your computer now won’t be sufficient for it.

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