Crocin Tablets

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Summer is the season for viral fever and when we have any case of mild fever Crocin Tablets is what everyone in our family prefers taking, our family has been using Crocin for ages and it is one of the best medicines with no side effects. People from all age group can take Crocin for fever, cold and cough, headache and body pain.

Crocin is a wonderful medicine which should be a part of every first aid box, since it doesn’t have any noticeable side effects like most other medicines.  Being cheaply priced and good medicinal values are the reasons why most of the Indian family use Crocin profoundly, asks any small child and he will give you all the details on the Crocin Tablet.

 Crocin Tablets are quick to take affect on the body, mostly I take Crocin tablet before going to bed and the next morning I wake up fresh with the entire problem gone. I feel a bit dizzy after taking Crocin so that is the reason I prefer taking it at bed time so that I get a good night sleep along with the medicine taking control.

Crocin tablets are readily available over the counter at any medical shop and as such we don’t need any prescription to purchase the tablet. I would suggest the medicine for any minor problems and a ready stock of the crocin tablet can help in avoiding visiting the family doctor very often. It doesn’t have any kind of side effect but we shouldn’t take more than a tablet at once cause it may cause heavy drowsiness as well as an uneasy feel.


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