Bukisa Gives us an Opportunity to Earn

Hereby, I would like to share my experience and story when I first get started with online earning, particularly on Bukisa.

I am a newbie to Bukisa which is a genuinely publishing website that I have found out for a couple of weeks. I know that earning online is not very easy as I thought before. However, when I came across Bukisa, I made up my mind that I will be patient to earn online though a cent to be accrued for a day.

            It is very lucky that Bukisa is where I looking for since I love writing very much. My articles have been successfully submitted and published for some reason or another. I am very happy about that. Even more, I will learn from the new things because Bukisa give me a chance to look at my improvement on writing and the way on how I outline my article for the better.

            I am now introducing Bukisa to most of my friends and encouraging them to join me. I believe that this will be a good chance for those who want to practice writing as well as reading skill. Bukisa is a genuine site that we trust in publishing our everyday life knowledge, experience, story as well as our social issues. Here are some features that I want to list to see if it is a trust website that you consider to join.

            The first feature is that you earn online while you publish your work like articles, presentations and media.

            The second thing is that you can connect your friends and family members via http://www.facebook.com and http://www.twitter.com  to get them read your articles and to give their comment.

            And finally, you can gain recognition by online readers if your work is popularly read on the Bukisa. Now it is never late for you to join http://www.bukisa.com/join/70539?email=minhpha1984@yahoo.com.vn; just sign up, publish your articles, videos and slides and earn regularly monthly bucks from Bukisa.

See you at Bukisa!

               Thank you very much for Bukisa since it makes us close together.

               Happy Publishing Site!

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