How to Care For Your Ornamental Plants And Grasses!

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Ornamental plants and grasses can give some of the best texture and glow to any kind of landscape. Most of them are very easy to grow and require little care making them some of the most popular plants and grasses that one use for landscaping. When it comes to taking are of ornamental plants and grasses, it would be in your best interest to learn how to prune the plants and grasses as well as fertilize, water and even keep the plants separate from each other.

When it comes to properly taking care of ornamental plants and grasses, you should make sure to fertilize the plants each year with only the best formula. It should include a nitrogen formula that is rich enough to keep their color and limbs looking great. It is great to apply the fertilizer during the spring months.

You should make sure to water the plants and the grasses weekly to keep them in top shape. It help to promote good root growth and many of these kinds of plants must have good watering for the first couple of months of life. If you notice them drooping or their colors fading, make sure to water the plants and grasses ASAP.

You should make sure to keep the plants and the grasses free of any weeds that can grow around them. You can use some type of mulch to help keep weeds away and it will also help to keep a little more soil around the plants as well.

You will also want to keep the clumps of ornamental grasses divided apart from each other. If notice any of the clumps dieing out, it may mean they are not getting enough nutrients. You should try to keep the grasses at a full four inches tall. You should also make sure to keep the dead plants and other weeds away from them to keep the grasses looking their best.

Make sure you prune the ornamental grasses and plants each spring. Always try to keep them at a height of 4 inches. This way you will be able to keep the sun around them and they should be able to grow faster. You should never trim the grasses during the winter as this can make them die out or more likely to catch some kind of disease.


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