Believe It, You Can Do It!

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Remember when you were a child, and trying to learn to walk? I am sure you have something like this:

First you must learn to stand up: a process that involves the entire body, then fell back on his feet. You sometimes laugh and smile, but on the other time you cried and grimaced because of illness. Whether, as there is determination and belief in yourself that you will succeed, whatever and however. You have your inner motivations

After much practice you finally figure out how to balance yourself, a requirement for the next grade. You enjoy it and it seems to have a new strength, had a new motivation. You will stand where you like – at your place, on the couch, on the lap of your mother, your father, or someone else. It is an exciting time – you do it! You can control yourself. You smile and laugh funny, satisfying your success. Now – the next step – running. You see other people doing it – this seems not too difficult – just move your legs when you stand up, right?

Wrong – apparently more complex than you imagine. You are dealing with frustration. But you keep trying, trying again and trying again and again until you know how to walk. You always want to be the handle of your hands when walking.

If people see you walking, they would clap their hands, they laughed, they would be encouraging, “Oh my God, look at what he does.” “Oh my son has been able to stand”. “My clever, clever my son” and others. This triggers your urge, the urge to add your self-confidence. Encouragement that motivates you

But even so, you also try running while no one sees you, when there was no cheering? Every opportunity is there, you train for running. You can not wait for someone to motivate you to take the next steps. You learn how to motivate yourself.

If we could remember these things about ourselves today.

Remember that we can do whatever we thought. We are able to manage if we want and are willing to go through the process, such as when we learn to stand, as when we learn to walk. We do not need to wait for others to motivate us, we need to motivate ourselves.

If you’ve forgotten how to do this, or feel like a frozen, stiff and shaky. Then you need motivation, take a short trip back in your life that has passed – Look at your achievements, no matter big or small accomplishment achievement – or times when you meet challenges and find ways to succeed. Repeat the success, like when you face problems you are facing.

Focus on all the things you think you can not do, then do it. Look at your baby. They never give up. And they are confident and believe in you, that you are capable and able. They believe in you all your life!

Now you must believe in yourself! Reassure your hearts that you’ll be fine.

“Remember, today is the best day of your life, have a beautiful future, by making changes today!


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