Making Money Online as a Teen

Making money online as a teen is tough. Many jobs online (as in the real world) are limited to persons over 18 years of age. There are, however, ways for a teenager to make money online. For example, writing for, the site you are on now. This site gives writers as low as 13 years old permittance to write, publish and make money. This is unique compared to other writing sites, where teenagers usually are not permitted to make money online.

However, there is many more ways than writing online for a teenager to make money online. A teenager can:

-Sign up for paid surveys! Paid surveys are surveys being given to people who answer questions about themselves. A good ressource to find survey websites that permits teenagers to answer questions too and make money is

-Sign up for an account at eBay! Signing up for an account on eBay gives a person unlimited power to sell whatever one wants to sell. Everything can be sold on eBay. If a teenager has a skill in crafts or arts, or whatever might be worth selling, eBay is a great place to try.

-Sign up for PTC (paid-to-click) sites! These sites gives a teenager the opportunity of clicking links, staying on a website for 15-30 seconds, and make a couple of cents on website. This is the easiest way to make money online, but also the most boring and less financial rewarding way. A person signed up for PTC (paid-to-click) sites can earn some money on referrals. This is far from rewarding compared to other options online.

-Sign up for! offers musicians to add their material to the website, and earn money for whoever buys it. This is an unsure way of making money, as ones music may not necessarily (even if good), be bought. Do not be afraid of trying though, it can raise a teenagers income much.

-Sign up for! is a place where people can answer surveys, shop, and sign up for trial offers to make money. There is opportunities to play games on, games one can earn points for, points that can earn gift cards to websites such as Offers and other things pays out regular US dollars, through Paypal.

-Sign up for an account at PayPal! To be paid online by companies you work for, Paypal is a great opportunity. It is safe, supported almost everywhere today, and it is free.

These opportunities are great options to make money online. Just remember to keep dedicated in what you are doing. Keep whatever you are doing to make money fun. The only way to keep doing it, is to think of it as a joy doing.

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