Offline Caching: A Web Application You Would Love to Have

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What would be the height of your pleasure, when you come to know that you could read your favorite article even though when you are not connected? This is possible with offline caching web application.

A web application is a computer software application that is accessed over the internet. These browser applications demands very little disk space. An offline caching is a web based application that enable a person to work on internet while remaining offline.

We all know that network is a main component of any web application. You need a network to locate web services; for downloading JavaScript, CSS, and HTML source files and accompanying resources. However, now offline web applications are available to assist you. Though the word is a contradiction in itself yet true because how can we use a web application while remaining offline? You can’t download when you are offline, but you can when you are online and this the way Offline caching works.

Offline caching works well for web pages. This is a method for caching files and folders locally for users with laptops. This application is generally disabled on stationary computers and enabled on laptops using group policy settings. Offline caching of web pages and folders can create trouble if you are sharing the computer with other users because this application is as per computer not per user. The synchronization of offline files is made, not considering who is logged on, but you can make an offline folder on your computer, and this will not effect on the performance of other systems.

One should keep in mind always that if you are using offline folders then avoid multiple log on sessions because when ever you log on, a lot of data is stored and changed locally and then copied to the server. So, with multiple sessions there is always the difficulty of deciding, which file to keep. Be careful and keep track of where your data is, and where it is going away.

There is an important point to consider that if a single resource listed in your cache manifest file be unsuccessful to download properly then the entire procedure of caching your offline web application will not succeed. In this condition browser will give theerror with no indication of what the actual problem is.


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