Types And Classification of Volcanoes

A volcano is a conical mountain with an opening at the top called a crater. It contains rock materials called magma. Upon reaching the surface, these molten rock materials are called lava.

The most popular and the most beautiful volcano in the Philippines is Mt. Mayon which is located in the province of Albay. It has a perfect cone and is classified as composite.

The types of Volcano:

According to the eruption they make, they are as follows:

1. Quiet volcanoes – these volcanoes expel lava which overflows at the sides and spreads fast down the slopes. It is also called the oozing type since lava just oozes quietly. As the lava flows downward, it kills all the plant and animals on its way.

2. Explosive volcanoes – these volcanoes burst with loud rumblings, throwing up ashes, cinders, and other materials high up in the sky. The rumbling can be felt from afar and is caused by the movement of magma and gases held under tremendous pressure.

3. Intermediate volcanoes. This type is intermediate between the quiet and the explosive. Sometimes lava oozes out but at times it erupts with a big explosion.

Volcanoes are classified into three;

a. Active volcanoes – these are the volcanoes that are erupting or have recently erupted.

b. Dormant volcanoes – they show no signs of activity. They have not erupted for a long time. A dormant volcano may be active again.

c. Extinct volcanoes – they have remained dormant for many years and all volcanic activity has ceased.

More on types of volcanoes in their different categories: the shield volcanoes, composite volcanoes and the cinder volcanoes. 

Shield Volcanoes

Commonly great in size, a shield volcano are specified of shallow-sloping slopes. Lava, of down viscousness, hangs easy through with these type of volcano. 

Composite Volcanoes

Among the most usual cases of volcanoes, composite volcano is an improbable cone-shaped body structure. As well known as strato volcano,

Cinder Cone Volcanoes

A different usual character of volcanoes represents the cinder cone shape volcano, likewise named scoria cone. 

More descriptions on wikipedia on many different volcanoes for your assignments in searching types of volcanoes on the web.

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