Word Processing Programs

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The word processing is one of the major uses of a computer that can process words in letters, reports, and documents of all types with great speed and accuracy.

Word processing allows people to control written communications in new and powerful ways, manage and manipulate text quickly and efficiently, and increase written output many times over.

With a word processor, you will no longer need a rubber eraser, a correction tape, and a correction fluid. In fact, you can forget all the old tools for correcting words used in an ordinary typewriter.

A word processor enables you to produce error-free documents because you are able to view the text on the video screen. It also allows you to make the necessary corrections before printing. In word processing, you deal with words inside and electronic memory.

These words can be changed and moved from one place to another in the same document easily, quickly, and efficiently, allowing you to type in new words without thinking about the appearance of your written output. It is like have in an assistant at the other end of your typewriter keyboard collecting the letters and words as they come in, correcting the same as needed, and storing them in a safe place.

Word processing also permits you to change the format of a paragraph. With a single command, you can turn an uneven right margin into a beautiful, well-align, and professional document. You can even add a new sentence in the middle of your many-paged document by simply turning on the insert mode and then typing. Because a computer has an electronic brain, it can instantly shift forward all the text in its memory to make room for new words without changing its paragraph structure..

A word processor has other capabilities which can be carried out by just pressing a key. These include the following: moving paragraphs and blocks of text, creating boldface print, finding the next (or last) occurrence of any word or phrase, typing in capital letters, copying, deleting, and printing text.

Word processing also permits you to prepare a common letter addressed to one hundred, and even more different names and addresses. The most wonderful thing about this is that each letter looks like an original. In short, word processing enables you to produce personalized letters in mass. This is know as Mail Merge,

Word processing allows you to do things that would normally take a couple of day’s work using an ordinary typewriter. For example, to reformat and entire document from double to single space, generate an index, print fifty or more individually-addressed copies of the same letter, and proofread an hundred-page document, all you need is a few minutes.

With word processing, you will be able to prepare reports and documents more easily and accurately. You can even work on the same sentence or paragraph over and over again without putting one on paper. Because it is easy to delete, insert, and correct words, you become more confident. Your ideas will also tend to flow more freely because you no longer have to concern your self with how the document would look like. In other words, you do the creating and let computer manage the words.

The Word Processing Programs

The word processing program is used with the computer in order to generate reports, letters, and other documents which the user requires. The word processing program, also know as a word processing software, tells the computer to handle all aspects of text manipulation and storage. It also provides instructions for correcting, searching and retrieval of text, as well as for printing.

There are many kinds of ready-to-use or off-the-shelf word processing software’s in the market. The most widely used among these programs in the Philippines are WordStar, Microsoft word, and Word Perfect.

These word processing programs have been written for business. They are designed to remove much of the repetition and boredom in preparing office communications.

Other word processing programs include Apple Writer, Text Wizard, Easy Writer, North Word, Magic Wand, Power Text, SLL-writer, Text Plus, Soft Writer and Word Handler.

In addition, there are specialized word processing software’s to produce newsletters, brochures, catalogues, booklets, and other materials which are normally done by commercial printers. They differ from ordinary word processing programs in the sense that, placement of artworks; and provide up to eight-column layouts. Ready-to-use desktop publishing programs include News Master, PageMaker, and Ventura Press.

Word processing programs cost a few thousand pesos. However, these programs can easily be copied by experienced computer-users. Local computers shops copy these programs for a minimal fee. User’s manuals needed in order to run these programs can also be photocopied. Thus, most computer-users get copies of programs rather than the expensive originals.


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