Summary of How The Run Energy Update Made Runescape More Fun to Play

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The Run energy update continues a recent trend by Jagex management of making the MMORPG RuneScape more fun by eliminating in-game annoyances. Running out of run energy and having to walk slowly to your destination was very annoying. Here is how the run energy update better affects RuneScape players.

Jagex summarized five changes in the June 9th, 2009 RuneScape update.

The first change involves adjusting the rates of energy consumption and restoration. The former rate was one percent run energy every seven seconds for F2P/level 1 agility RuneScape players. Now these RuneScape players restore their energy more than twice as fast. Field-testing with my Level 57 agility main came in with results of one percent energy restored every 1.5 seconds approximately as opposed to 3.5 seconds.

Jagex introduced another feature so that by right clicking on your run button, you can select the option to rest. Resting on a F2P RuneScape world restores around two percent energy every second. With level 57 agility on a member server, 3-4% restores every second. Jagex also introduced musicians to RuneScape, shown on the map with a musical note icon. If you select rest, your energy restores 50% faster while you get to listen to an enhanced version of the local RuneScape soundtrack.

Food and energy restoring potions now restore more energy. Field tests on White Tree fruit and energy potion confirmed a restoration of double the percentage of run. I expect energy potions to crash on the grand exchange, however. What RuneScape player is going to blow 300gp when he can take a short break to attain the same result?

In addition to having a faster restore rate to your energy, a higher agility level allows you to run for a greater distance before your energy runs out. According to Jagex, higher agility levels offer a greater run advantage. Field tests raise the question, what advantage is left to give?

And last but not least, agility level bonuses no longer carry over onto free worlds in order that members do not have an unfair edge on F2P players. Even still, my account can run better on a F2P world without an agility bonus than it used to on a member’s world.

So in short, RuneScape game play should now be a lot more enjoyable with the run energy update. Now if only those doors to private guilds or buildings wouldn’t slam in my face!

For the sake of trivia, a glitch in the update caused banks to not work, with the exception of exchange the grand exchange desk and use quickie/collect bank booth. Riots broke out in RuneScape at the Grand Exchange and around Varrock.

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