Guide to Traveling to Jatizso in Runescape

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Jatizso, along with Neitiznot, is one of the Fremennik isles. RuneScape players often travel to Jatizso in order to take advantage of its many features, including a mine, anvil, cage/harpoon and net/harpoon fishing, and some stores, including a yak store that sells yak meat, yak hair, and yak hides cheap. To access the store the player needs to pay a 5k tax but can make it back easily just by merchanting the yak products on the Grand Exchange. There are ice trolls for training combat.

There is only one way to reach Jatizso; traveling there from Rellekka via Mord Gunners on boat. Mord’s wife Maria stands nearby and takes players to Neitiznot. The Fremennik Trials quest must be completed and the Fremennik Isles quest must be started in order to get to Jatizso. How much of the quest needs to be complete before full use is allowed of Jatizso’s resources and facilities is uncertain.

Thus the question of how to reach Jatizso should more be how to reach Rellekka. Here is a look at methods of getting there.

How to get to Jatizso: walk from Camelot: This method isn’t necessary as there are better methods of getting there.

How to get to Jatizso: Use Teleport to House: RuneScape players having a construction level at 30 can pay an estate agent 10,000 RuneScape gold to move the house to Rellekka. The portal is south of Rellekka, so the boat to Jatizso is a short sprint from there. RuneScape players teleporting require level 40 magic or a teletab.

How to get to Jatizso: Lyre Teleport: RuneScape players can play the enchanted lyre teleport, transporting the player to Rellekka’s south entrance. The lyre contains a set number of charges, to echarge players need to travel southwest of Rellekka to Fossegrimen’s altar to enchant the lyre. A raw fish must be offered; raw shark gives two charges, raw sea turtle gives three, and raw manta ray gives four charges. While wearing the ring of Charos, the RuneScape player can charm Fossegrimen to accepting raw bass in place of shark. Should the player wear any level of Fremennik Sea Boots (Fremennik Diary reward) fossegrimen grants two extra lyre charges. Fremennik Sea boots 2 and 3 grant one teleport to Rellekka daily without using the lyre and also allow recharging the lyre without going to Fossegrimen. (Giving the lyre only one charge.)

How to get to Jatizso: Keldagrim: RuneScape Players can access the mine cart system to Keldagrim, use the dwarven boatman and come out the mine entrance east of Rellekka. This method is not quick, but better than walking.

How to get to Jatizso: Fairy Rings: RuneScape players who have completed the fairy tale quests have access to fairy rings can use these as a quick travel to Rellekka. There is a ring by the Keldagrim entrance, a ring in Miscellanea, two by the sinclair mansion, and one by the slayer cave. All are a similar walk from Rellekka.

How to get to Jatizso: Eagles: RuneScape players who finished Eagle’s Peak quest can access the hunter area north of Rellekka. RuneScape Players must go to the south entrance to enter the city; again slow but better than walking.

How to get to Jatizso: Lunar Spells: RuneScape members who have the Lunar Spellbook can utilize several of the teleports to get within sailing or walking distance of Rellekka. Lunar Isle and Waterbirth Island teleports allow the player to get quickly to Rellekka.

How to get to Jatizso: Spirit Tree: RuneScape players can grow spirit tree in spirit tree farming patch in Etcetera and then sail the boat to Rellekka. Growing the spirit tree requires level 83 farming.

How to get to Jatizso: Games Necklace: Teleporting to Barbarian Outpost, crossing the agility rocks to the lighthouse, and walking to Rellekka is another method. This is slow, but better than walking. Players often take some hits failing the rocks to the lighthouse.

So by employing the various methods of travel to Rellekka, RuneScape players can arrive in Jatizso efficiently.



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