Interior Design

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Here is the review of interior design concepts

*  For filling space use warm colours like reds, yellows and oranges. They tend to grab the eye and fill space. They are soothing and warm.
    * Cool colors are blues, greens and violets. They tend to give the illusion of open space.
    * Decide on a focal point and decorate around it. Your focal point could be a piece of furniture, a fireplace, etc.
    * Pale pinks are serene and comforting. The closer pink gets to red, the more energetic it becomes.
    * Light colored walls and ceilings will make the room appear larger. The opposite for dark colors.
    * When selecting a solid carpet color, choose a shade of your upholstery or drapery fabric to add interest. Don’t choose the exact color, it will be too rigid.
    * When arranging flowers in a vase with a wide mouth, use tape to create a grid across the top of the vase. Flowers will remain upright and be evenly spaced.
    * A border will add interest to a room. Use sponges, stencils or wallpaper borders.
    * Put an aspirin in a vase full of water and it will make your flower bouquets last days longer- also trim the stems every other day will preserve the life of a flower arrangement.
    * Use vertical stripes on walls for an illusion of height.
    * Natural shades of carpeting tend to hide soil and lint.
    * Painting the walls, ceiling, woodwork or all will add a fresh, new look.
    * Hang pictures at eye level, not too high.
    * To add depth to a small room, add mirrors.
    * If you are redecorating an entire room, choose your paint last.
    * Arrange furniture in conversational groups.
    * If your tablecloth is a little bit large for your table, pull the corners of the tablecloth up and using a beautiful wide ribbon, tie the ribbon around the corner of the tablecloth. This is also a quick way to dress-up your table very fast.
    * When painting, use a plastic shower cap on your head to protect your hair from the paint.
    * Use unusual items to hold flowers in your kitchen, such as old coffee pots, egg cups, teapots, etc.
    * Buy an inexpensive, clear glass jar lamp and fill it with all kinds of collectibles. You can use marbles, spools of thread, gumballs, hair ribbons or anything you like. Use your imagination and work with the theme of the room.
    * To remove wallpaper, use equal parts of vinegar and hot water. Roll or sponge the solution on the paper and wet thoroughly. The paper should peel off in sheets after two applications of the solution.
    * When you begin decorating, start with one room and finish it. Remove all the furniture from the room, if possible. If you can’t move all the furniture out, move it to the middle of the room and cover with cloths.
    * Place your everyday dishes in a wooden rack on the kitchen counter.
    * For a kitchen without a window, paint a scene on a wall and hang curtains. Add a frame and you have the look of a window.
    * When you have a room that you may need to have dark during the day, use shades instead of mini blinds. The shades will block more light than the blinds.
    * Light colors will give rooms a larger overall appearance. Whether you want to make a small room seem larger or make a large room feel even larger.
    * A mirror gives the illusion of space and depth. Use a nice frame on the mirror and position it to reflect something pleasing.
    * When choosing new carpet, consider the room that it will be used in. For example, a high traffic area will need a durable carpet.
    * To make a room appear more spacious, add a tall green plant. Fill empty spaces with attractive floor plants.
    * To update the look of a sofa or chair, you can use decorative pillows.
    * Do you want to change the look of your furniture in a hurry? Use slipcovers on sofas and chairs. Change the look whenever you feel like it.



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