Global Warming. Who Cares?

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A lot of people are sceptics when it comes to global warming. No one really blames them. It’s hard for anyone, who isn’t a scientist studying global climate change, to defend either side. Obviously there is a global temperature change, but is it really caused by our carbon emissions? Could it be just a cycle the earth goes through?

I think this global warming debate is a total waste of time. We need to be concerned that mankind is releasing 29,321,302,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year and 3,000,000,000,000 cubic feet of methane. Do we really need to be arguing about what kind of damage it’s doing to the world? At the very least, agree that our dependance on nonrenewable sources of energy needs to change?

You don’t have to agree with global warming to make a change. You just have to think about some very simple ideas “pollution is bad” or “start finding renewable resources” and “saving money is good”. Those are some pretty basic ideas that should get everyone on the same page.

When I end up buying groceries, it’s usually because I planed on buying groceries. Just keep some reusable bags in your home or car, saves you 5 cents/bag every time you shop. 

Switch to a few compact fluorescent bulbs. Saves money on your power bill and they last longer than the other kind.

Done. You made a difference for yourself, you can still call global warming bullshit, and act like you made the changes completely for yourself. Don’t worry, we’ll all still think you’re a dick.

Here are some facts: The global climate is changing. People are dumping tons (literally, tons) of pollution into our atmosphere. The Great Global Warming Swindle and An Inconvenient Truth are both terribly one sided documentaries.

So let’s just fuck off about the global warming debate and concentrate on what we do know.


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