Interesting Facts About Goat

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Goat is one of the domesticated animal in the world. The domestication process begun in 10,000 BC. Our ancestors have cared the goat for its meat, skin, milk, or bones.

The goat meat has lower cholesterol than beef.

Goat is prolific

Even the doe just have two milk tits, She can bear six kid. Off course some kid might die because the lack of milk.

A doe can bear two times a year. It provides much meat to people. The farm can get much benefit from goat.

Goat-sheep hybrid

There is no goat-sheep hybrid. Even both animal has similiar characteristics and sound but, in fact they are different. The amount of chromossom goat and sheep are different.

Milk Goat is good for intolerance lactose people

Some people can stand with cow milk. Perhaps they can try goat milk. The fat lobus is smaller than cow milk so they can drink goat milk.

Some Goat can produce much milk. An Alphine goat can produce milk 10 liters a day. In hot region, Nubian goat can produce much milk too.

Goat hair

Cashmere goat is a goat whose has soft hair. People use it for making a cloath that is very expensive.

Goat Horn

Goat usually has two horn. Few Goat has three, four, or even six horns. In my country, people dare to buy the goat at expensive price.


The maximum age of goat is 10 or twelve years. In some cases, a goat can live up to 15 years.


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