Party Games For Kids 5-10

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Here a fun game for outdoors it called Balloon Relay Race

This fun party game is best played outdoors with a lot of kids. Divide the kids into two or more teams and give each team a balloon between there knees and they must hop or run to the other end of the track were the other team is  they must hand off the balloon (No hands just knees) then that player has to run or hop back to the other team repeat tell all player have had there turn.

This is a fun game to it called Bubble Gun Blowout.

This game can be played indoors                                                                                                                                      Each kid has a plate of cream and under the cream is a peace of gum using no hands the kids has to find the gum and the first to blow a bubble wins.

Cards in the Hat.

This party game will need two packs of cards (make sure each pack has different backs) next you will need a hat split the kids into two teams place the hat on the floor place each team on opposite each other about two feet from the hat on each side on the count of three each team member takes a turn they must get as many cards in the hat as they can the ones with the most cards wins.

This article is part 2 of 3  hope you like it.


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