Tips to Bet Like a Pro in Facebok Poker Games

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One of the most important aspects of being a good Facebook poker player is to know when to play your hand and bet. In Facebook Texas Holdem, the dynamic of betting can become quite intricate- and is more than just a game of bluffing and deception. Knowing when to properly bet and raise is the key to winning millions of facebook poker chips.

Most Facebook poker players will tell you that a bet can mean two things: “I own the table with the best hand and ill stake my facebook chips” or “I’ll bluff my way out of a really bad hand and hopefully you have the sense to fold!” Of course how you take part in a game of bait n switch is entirely relative to your play style and experience as a facebook texas holdem poker player.

When it comes to betting your hand in facebook poker, a successful strategy should be based on a simple play style, where you can restrict yourself but stray when you feel it’s safe to bet in situations that you would otherwise avoid. You can learn some of the best trick plays from these strategies and decide how you can incorporate them to pick up your game and win zynga poker chips.


You can win a lot of facebook poker chips when you are in a dealer’s position and the only bets remaining come from you and the blinds. Blinds normally fold in this situation, and are a good way to grab some quick facebook chips to raise your betting steaks for those serious and wager-intense plays. You can use this to end a game quickly and deal a new hand of cards for more players to join, giving you more chances to win chips.


If you find yourself in a bind where everyone has checked to you, betting to limit the number of steaks in a pot is a wise safety-net to fall back on. Think of this as your escape route but don’t use it too often as skilled and professional poker players can spot you easily and put you in a betting deadlock. Stealing works well when you have a good hand such as a nut flush draw. Players at this point will want to check to the raiser and by drawing; you have a better chance of winning a larger pot of facebook or myspace poker chips.

The Opener

Opening is considered a reckless move and is something that people with a bluffing play style do often. When you attempt to “open” you act on your hand by rising first, forcing everyone to call two bets at once. This is an effective strategy when you want to pacify the number of players in a draw- you can cause a lot of players to fold but be prepared because those who call your hand will probably have an equally aggressive take.

These are just a few of the best practices when it comes to betting and raising your hand. The kind of pot you play will change the dynamic of your gaming approach and how you bet your hand considerably.


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