The Proper Way to Brush Your Cat or Dog's Teeth!

Not many pet owners know that brushing your pets teeth is an essential part of taking care of your pet. Brushing the teeth of your cat or your dog is very important and should be done at least once a week to promote healthy teeth and gums during the life of your beloved pet. If you are looking for the right way to go about brushing the teeth of your four legged friend, keep reading.

Before you even consider brushing the teeth of your pet, plan a visit with your veterinarian. This way your pet’s teeth can be checked out before you start a tooth brushing regimen. Have your pet’s teeth and gums checked out to see if they are healthy enough for the brushing. This way you will avoid putting your pet in any kind of pain if they should have any teeth that are broken or gum disease. Should your pet have something wrong, you might better skip the brushing for the fact that the animal may end up biting you due to pain.

Take the time to train your dog to the idea of you looking in it’s mouth or fooling with it’s teeth. Make this is an everyday routine and if there is good behavior, make sure to reward the pet with a nice treat. Once the animal figures out something good is going to happen, it will be more apt to letting you do things with it’s mouth.

You can buy many different kinds of dental kits for pets at many different retail stores. You should make sure it comes with toothpaste and toothbrush for the specific pet. You should also read over the instructions for using the kit and make sure to follow them completely. You may consider talking with your veterinarian and seeing if they may be able to recommend a certain brand or kit. You will have to experiment with either the finger toothbrush or the hand toothbrush.

Do whatever possible to make sure that your pet is very comfortable for the entire brushing process. When you brush your pet’s teeth, do it in a circular motion that is a little bit like a gentle message. Once the brushing has been done, make sure to reward your pet with a nice little treat and good praise. The treat should be some kind of tarter control treat that can be found in many different stores. Once the pet gets the idea of having their teeth brushed, you should be able to move from once a week to a couple of days a week.

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