Trish Stratus Wwe Diva

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Trish Stratus will always be one of my favorite wwe divas. She retired after her last match against Lita. When she joined the wwe, she was a manager for a new tag team. She progressed into a fine wrestler. She had a story line where she fell in love with Chris Jericho. She will always be one of the best female wrestlers around. Another one of  my favorite story lines is when she becomes involved with her boss. That ended in her boss getting his several times over. Trish has been womens champion 7 time champ. She beat Lita at Survivor Series with The Sharpshooter. Bret Harts finishing move. She came back last year as guest GM on Raw. She was in a match against Beth Phoenix and Chris Jericho. Big Show got involved, Mark Henry came out and it turned into a 6 man tag team match with Trish Stratus, Mark Henry and MVP winning it. Trish will always be one of the best women wreslters of all time, along side Melina, Sensational Sherrie, Ms. Elizabeth, and others. Another favorite story line is when she teamed up with Christian after Wrestlemania. She has wrestled Lita, Chris Jericho, and other wwe divas. She will be inducted into the WWE HALL OF FAME one day.


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