Meditation Makeover: How to Simply Escape to a Much Calmer, Peaceful Self Within Minutes

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Meditation, especially for those who have never really tried it, can be a very intimidating thought.  We know that meditation is important to our sense of well-being and inner peace, but exactly what do we do and how do we do it (in simple terms please)?

Meditation has deep roots, if we know anything about meditation, that would be it – it’s complicated (or so we think). Most regular, overstressed people wonder how something so seemingly complex can really relax anything at all. Although meditation has been overly complicated in theory, it is really very simply just an act of relaxing, even if briefly.

When life gets busy and out of control we tend to forget that there really is a way to get everything under control again. In an attempt to make my life and mind simpler and more peaceful, I have given the idea of meditation a simple makeover and made it a workable “escape” in my mind.

I have found that if I can “escape”, even if for a moment, I will instantly feel more calm and relaxed for hours and hours. I did this by making a few simple changes in my life. First, I began to read more (anything I could get my hands on).  Reading was so calming because I was focusing on what I was reading and not everything else that was going on around me – it helped to quiet my mind. Even if I could only read for a few minutes, I felt better because I knew there would be many more chances to read in the coming hours and days and each one would get me closer to a more peaceful feeling.

Another escape I’ve been practicing is easy clutter control. I’ve found that even by organizing just a small amount of clutter in my house, office, or car, it left me feeling instantly more relaxed.

My last escape, is positive words and images. For me, this is the thought of relaxing in a beach front chair and then repeating the words “I am calm, peaceful and relaxed.” It only takes a few moments for this escape, and it can be done anywhere. It is the 15 second vacation that re-energizes us from the inside out.

The Great Escape:

1. Read, read, read. Let your mind really take in what you’re reading.

2. De-Clutter – little by little. Every shelf, pocketbook/wallet, or table that gets organized will put you one step closer to feeling more peaceful.

3. The 15 second (or longer, if you can) vacation that you can take any time. Remember to repeat to yourself the positive words “I am calm, peaceful and relaxed.”

So, if you are determined to be calm and peaceful no matter what storms are brewing around you, then that is what you will get – just make the decision to escape, or meditate as some like to call it. You’ll be glad you did.


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