Romance Gone Wrong.

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How can any romantic relationship go bad? People can cheat on you. I have had that happen to me. People can lie to you. People can stand their dates up. A lot of people can be very dishonest when they should be honest to their partner. People can make plans only to break them because they are lying to the other person. People can do things that are motivated by drugs. Say something to someone motivated to do so because of something that they have done that is not good and will hurt the person they love. When people are motivated by drugs or alcohol, that damages relationships. People can be very nasty toward others. A lot of people are very selfish and do not care who they hurt in the lies they tell to others. A lot of people only care about themselves and are incapable of loving others. People can be very violent toward others. People put others down, not carign about how much damage they cause to anyone else! Be nice and you get burned. Trust everyone and you end up getting hurt because alot of people do hurt others and don’t care! People can be stabbed, beaten, raped and much worse when it comes to getting involved with the wrong people. People have lost their children because the other person is very unstable and violent.


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