How to Donate Unwanted or Unused School Supplies!

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When school is over, most of our children are left with unused school supplies. There are ways that parents and even teachers can recycle the supplies and even donate them to other places that need them. There are many ways that recycling of school supplies can be done. It can be easy and fun! Keep reading to find a way to get rid of the school supplies you don’t need.

A really good way to recycle school supplies, is to call up a couple of schools and see they could use them. You can drop them off at the office of the school or give them to your child’s teacher. If that particular school does not need the supplies, consider visiting a couple of other ones as they may really be in need of them. This is one of the best ways to recycle any unwanted school supplies and help out with the education of many children besides your own.

Another amazing way to recycle school supplies is to donate them to thrift shops or more commonly known as consignment shops. Many times these kinds of stores are more than grateful for any kind of donation. They tend to accept thing such as backpacks, pens, unused notebooks, folders, and pencils. You may even be able to deduct this kind of donation from your taxes! Just make sure to check with the store to make sure if they are tax deductible first.

If you know someone or work in a daycare facility yourself, consider dropping the extra school supplies off their. These kinds of places could really use the donations as they tend to have to purchase these things throughout the year. Give them things such as construction paper, markers, crayons, scissors and glue.

This is just a sample of the many ways and things that one could donate school supplies. Anything that you have to offer is going to be accepted by just about any kind of suggestion in this article. If you have unused or unwanted school supplies just laying around, please take the time to donate them to one of the suggestions here. It is very important that everyone and every business be given the chance to do their best.


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