Why we Are Afraid to Propose to Some Girl’s Men Speak Out

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When it comes to the issue of making a marriage proposal to a lady, most men are not as strong and confident, as they appear to be. Except for the rough boys and those that have earn the name of playboy” who change girlfriends like no man’s business, most decent bachelors often make a big deal out of proposing to a lady they admire. Most young bachelors are somewhat timid when contemplating a proposal. There is always the fear that the lady may turn down their proposal, and this can really bruise their male ego. So some bachelors just chicken out and fantasize about the lady on a daily basis, where in reality they may not be able to approach the lady. This is the story of john; he was scared to death about proposing to Vivian, a lady. He admired her greatly and perceived that she would make both have graduated from school. However, john was never able to bring himself to propose marriage to her. But to his greatest dismay, one of his friends, who was by far bolder than him, went ahead and made his love and intentions known to Vivian. When it became apparent that john had lost Vivian to Charles his friend. He braced frantic, out of desperation, he braced himself up and gathered enough courage to speak to Vivian. To his greatest surprise, Vivian revealed to him that she had always admired john and had wished and hoped that john would look her way. Can you imagine that? Both of them had mutual feelings for each other, but Vivian, being a modest lady, waited and hoped for john to approach her. But since john was not forthcoming, she took it to mean that he was not interested in her. She had to work hard on her emotions to blank out thoughts of john. When Charles came into her life, she accepted his proposal because he was an equally decent young man, although her feelings for john were more intense. It was too late for john. She had already made a commitment to Charles and their relationship was blossoming. John missed having Vivian because he was not manly enough. Besides this fear of being turned down by ladies, there are many other factors that scare away young bachelors from making proposal.

  1. Some ladies are too materialistic and greedy. All they want is to grab as much money and things as they can from you. They are with you long as you are wadded. But when the chips are down, they vanish into thin air.

  2. Some girls are not well behaved at all they are never polite and are not courteous in their relationship with people. When they are angry, they are not able to control themselves. They throw caution to the wind and engage themselves in physical combat; a woman that can fight other people will certainly be a husband beater. A bachelor will certainly be scared to propose marriage to such a girl.”


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