Fit, Hot And Successful: Julia Roberts' Recipe

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In her new movie, “Eat, Pray and Love,” Julia Roberts “slurps spaghetti in Rome, pets a rogue elephant in India and rides a bicycle through a tropical forest in Bali.  If you watch the movie you will see how much she eats in Rome and struggles to fit into her jeans.

Julia Roberts ate a lot of pizza while filming in Rome.  After all Italy is famous for its delicious pizza.  “If you look at any of the scenes of eating, by the end of the scene, I’m done eating,” she told Entertainment Weekly Magazine.  Roberts jokingly complained about eating humongous quantities of pizza while shooting scenes in Naples.

Roberts admitted she gained about seven to 10 pounds, but she got lucky.  Elizabeth Gilbert, the author who Julia portrays in the movie, walked away 30 pounds heavier when she left Italy after four months.  For Gilbert, food was nourishment for a broken soul after a bitter divorce.

Now let’s see what Julia Roberts eats in real life and what will she do shed those 10 extra pounds?  Julia Roberts uses diet designs eating programs.  Diet Designs is a diet program that allows you to eat fresh and healthy meals each week by opting to either have meals delivered to your door or by making your food using Diet Design’s famous recipes.

Unfortunately not many of us can probably afford getting the food delivered to our door steps; so we would have to do it ourselves.  Each custom plan includes a balance of 50% – 60% carbohydrates, 20% – 25% protein and 20% – 25% fat.  

Julia likes to mix up her fitness routines in order not get bored so she swims, runs, does cross-country ski movements and arm exercises as well as yoga and Pilates.

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