The Abc's of Google

For all intents and purposes, Google has become the all-seeing eye. Google is really something right out of science fiction. It is the brain of the body that is the World Wide Web, when you think about it.

What Google also has become is a major source of trivial useless information. I’d like to share some of that with you now.

As we all know, when you starting typing a search keyword into Google, the ‘brain’ tries to guess at what you’re looking for and gives you several options in a drop down box. These options become less and less and closer to what you’re looking for, the more you type in.

What if you only type one letter? What, of all the billions of possibilities, will come up if you only type in one letter of the English alphabet? Let’s find out.

What follows is the alphabet according to Google. These searches are taken from (Google Canada) and are somewhat localized. They are consistent, meaning they haven’t changed in lengthy amount of time.

A. Air Canada. Canada’s national airline.

B. BMO. One of Canada’s major banks.

C. Canadian Tire. A hardware store that appears in most every town across the country and has a rich history in Canadian pop culture. The store is famous for ‘Canadian Tire Money’ which is paper money that is given out when purchases are made in cash at any of the stores, equal to a percentage of the purchase. Many a victim in foreign countries has been duped into believing that this is actual legal Canadian currency.

D. Dictionary. This one is surprising with such greats as Dr. Oz, Dell and Dairy Queen starting with the same letter.

E. e-Bay. Absolutely no surprise here. If you don’t know what e-Bay is, Google it!

F. Facebook. This one is likely to be the ‘F’ for Google for a long time to come.

G. Gmail. Google’s own version of free personal e-mail. Of course this is going to come first – they have the inside scoop.

H. Hotmail. Microsoft’s version of Gmail.

I. Ikea. Love them or hate them, Ikea is one popular furniture store.

J. Job bank. Although, not the place to find a ‘good’ job, with the economy at a slightly lower level lately, I can see this being a popular search.

K. Kijiji. On-line one to many selling sights are all the rage and probably will be until governments find a way to ruin them.

L. Lotto Max. This is the new lottery in Canada that is expensive to buy into buy has ‘Powerball’ size prizes and unlike the United States, is tax free.

M. Mapquest. For those without a GPS, this and Google Maps will remain the source for directions.

N. NHL. What would a Canadian generated list be with a reference to the great sport of hockey? For those who may not know, NHL stands for National Hockey League.

O. OSAP. This one is specific to the province of Canada and refers to the government funding program for students attending college and university. OSAP is infamously referred to as the Ontario Stereo Assistance Plan.

P. Paypal. If Google is the all-seeing eye, Paypal will soon enough be the financial controller for the world.

Q. Quotes. This is a little surprising but can be used to search for many different things so I guess the logic is there. Not only will it be inputted when someone is looking for a quote from someone famous, but also on insurance quotes, renovation quotes, car repair quotes, etc.

R. Rona. Hardware giant similar to Home Depot.

S. Skype. Some believe it will replace the home phone.

T. TSN. The Sports Network is Canada’s version of ESPN. Known throughout the country as the Toronto Sports Network because of the unbalanced coverage Toronto sports team get on the network.

U. UFC. This one should be replaced sometime in the near future as the sport is dying.

V. VIA Rail. Canada’s passenger train system.

W. Westjet. Canada’s other airline. Westjet is slowly gaining ground on Air Canada.

X. XE. One of my favourites. XE is the ultimate source for live currency exchange rates.

Y. Youtube. The online video dump where anyone can become famous by taking a ‘football in the nuts’.

Z. Zellers. This is the department store that took over all the K-marts in Canada and feebly attempts to compete with Walmart. Canadians really want to support Zellers and shop there over Walmart, but they simply suck. United States giant, Target, attempted to buy out Zellers a few years back but the deal didn’t go through.

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