Triumph Tiger – Good Dual Sport Motorcycle

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The Triumph Tiger is built and marketed as a dual-purpose bike. It’s built for light off-road riding and long-distance touring, and it handles like a street bike. The Triumph Tiger is considered one of the best all-around bikes on the market for its ability to handle city streets and rough terrain. If you are touring and you happen to run in to rough terrain the Trumph Tiger is what you need.

Small Wheels Suitable for Street Only

The 17-inch wheels on the Triumph Tiger are a drawback to off-road use (being too small), even though the bike is marketed as suitable for light off-road use. It should be used off regular roads only when necessary–say to ride down a trail a short distance as opposed to trail riding on a regular basis. The Triumph Tiger is not meant for a day of train riding, but is convenient when you happen to run into rough terrain for a short period.


The Triumph Tiger is a dual purpose bike, but has very limited off road usability because of the 17 inch wheels, which do not provide enough clearance for true off-road riding. Do not buy it as an off road bike per se, but because it has off road capability when needed. Buy it for touring and street riding.


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