Is Your Makeup Safe?

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The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Organization is the Big Dogs of the business. What they say goes. What they dont say is left for money hungry “big wigs” to interpret in their own “profit producing” minds.

Should they be in control of the ingredients that goes on your skin.

Well more and more everyday you trust them with your life. But…

Did You Know?

In Europe the European Union has banned over 1,100 chemicals from cosmetics.

The U.S has banned 9. All others (1,091) are still in the clear to use.

Still not convinced? Have you ever thought about what your lotion can do to your skin over a period of time. Now I am not talking about like one month or three months. Hopefully the lotion is doing what it is supposed to be doing and making your skin smoother right? Wrong. Thinking in short-term matters is the biggest mistake the U.S makes every day. Here are the consequences.

You and ME!

10,500 chemicals are used in the production of these products. 11% are TESTED! (for health and safety of course) What are you kidding me? Still not catching on. Well it is like this their are two types of effects to test for short term and long term.

U.S = Short term- rash, swelling, bruising, itching <– and thats all they test for.

Long term- birth defects, Cancer, disabilities<– the important stuff.

Notice U.S is not anywhere on the long term line. They do not test for long term effects. This is crazy and ridiculous. How do they get away with it?

We will never know. Things are just getting worse and worse every day. Its high time to go back to the natural resources and give up this man made mentality. Natural sources of energy could benefit alot to.

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