The Strongest Wedge Anchors

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Material determines strength not the manufacturer

The material used to make wedge anchors determines its strength not the manufacturer. Wedge anchors are made from carbon steel or stainless steel. The 316 stainless steel is the strongeet and it is the most corosion resitant and will maintain its strenght the best. A variety of manufacturers make these stainless steel wedge anchors.

The cement is also a factor of the strength

A wedge anchor’s only manufacturer suggested use is to anchor fixtures and objects to concrete. The holding power depends on the quality and strength of the concrete itself and the depth of embedment – the deeper the better the holding values. Wedge anchors are used by rock climbers as well, but this would not be a stated use by the manufacturer. For rock climbers the most important factor is the positioning of the wedge anchor in the rock so that is does not slp out.


The stainless steel 316 wedge anchor is the strongest and longest lasting wedge anchor. However, the holding value of any wedge anchor depends on the quality and strength of the cement and how deeply embedded the anchor. Usually the cement will give-way before the anchor does, no matter what anchor is used.


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