Is Adding Hydrogen to Your Truck Safe?

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Adding Hydrogen to Your Truck Is Safe

Adding a hydrogen generator to your truck is safe because the hydrogen is created and burned as needed. No hydrogen is stored anywhere in the vehicle. In the event of an accident the small amount of hydrogen in the conversion chamber would immediately be released harmlessly into the atmosphere. There is no danger of an explosion or a fire from the hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Mixes with Gas or Diesel

By adding hydrogen to your truck you will supplement the regular fuel. A hydrogen converter creates the hydrogen from water using an electric charge. The hydrogen is sucked into the combustion chamber of the engine along with the gas or diesel. When this other fuel ignites the hydrogen also ignites, causing the fuel mixture to burn hotter and cleaner. You should continue to use the safety precautions that apply to gas or diesel fuel.

Bottom Line

Adding hydrogen to your truck is safe, easy, inexpensive, good for the environment and will save you money by boosting your mileage up to 50 percent. The engine, however, wil need to beable tolerate higher temperatures. Hydrogen burns at a higher temperature than gasoline. The higher temperaturs may be a limiting factor for some engines. Manufacturers would need to find ways to overcome the problem of higher temperatures inside the engine for widespread use of hydrogen as a fuel in cars and trucks.


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