Special Family Weekend Ideas

Okay I grew up in the sixties and the seventies and part of me can’t imagine a better time to spend my childhood and teen years. We didn’t need a lot to be content… we always had fun. I don’t remember ever being bored! So what did we do that was so entertaining??


1. During the summer… lay in the backyard and look at the stars!

2. Have a snowball fight

3. Use sidewalk chalk… everybody!

4. Pack up a lunch and go to the beach for the afternoon.

5. Have a movie night… if possible pick a movie that will appeal to everyone, pop some popcorn and have fun!

6. Bake cookies… and let everyone help. Good way to pass a rainy Sunday afternoon!

7. Tell the kids a bedtime story… and then let them read to you!

8. Scavenger hunt… they were always fun.

9. Curl up with a good book and spend the whole afternoon “living” someone elses life.

10. Have a move marathon… those were especially good when the weather was really bad. Pop some popcorn, bring out the soda and the day improved instantly!

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