How to Get Level 60 Mining in Runescape

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Mining is a great skill for people to level up in Runescape, It’s also a skill that can earn you a lot of money in the long run.

Step one – Getting a Pickaxe

There are 6 types of pickaxes in the game.

Bronze – lvl 1 mining

Iron – lvl 4 mining

Steel – lvl 6 mining

Mithril – lvl 21 mining

Adamant – lvl 31 mining

Runite – lvl 41 mining

However you can still mine with any pick axe even if you can’t wield it.

Step two – Level 1- 15

The best place to start of mining is in South East Varrock

There is plenty of low level ores here that you can mine.

Now you can either deposit the ores into your bank or just drop them all.

If you deposit the ores you can sell them or smelt them later for money that you can use to buy better pickaxes,


If you drop the ores you will be able to reach level 15 mining much faster, but will not make any money.

Step Three – level 15 – 30

Now you are able to mine Iron.

The best place to mine Iron would have to be to the North of Al- Kharid. However you need to make sure that your combat level is high enough to be able to avoid the scorpions.

Start off just mining iron, there might be a lot of competition, and if there are too many people there just switch over to another world.

Just as before you can either deposit the iron or just drop it. I strongly suggest that you deposit it in your bank because iron ore can sell around 100 each and can make you a lot of money, which can go towards buying a rune pickaxe. 

You can probably get to level 30 in about a week or even in a day if that’s all you do.

Step Four – level 30 – 60

Getting from 30 – 60 is takes the longest time, but if you deposited all the iron in the bank you should have enough of it to sell it to make money from a rune pick, which would help you, however you need 41 mining.

The best place to mine would be the Faldor mines. It has Iron, and coal, however there is usually a bit of competition for the coal.

Stick to mining iron, and if you already have enough to buy a rune pick, just keep dropping the iron, if you still need more money sell the iron.

Once you reach level 41, start using your rune pick, and stick to mining iron and dropping it, however if you notice that there is not a lot of competition on the coal, start mining coal instead, however I do not recommend that you compete with the other people because you will not be getting constant experience.

Now getting from 40 – 60 mining takes a while, however anyone should be able to do it in at least a month, but if all you do all day is mine you should be able to get to level 60 in about a week, depending on how much time you have.

Then when you get to level 60 you will be able to enter the mining guild! Good luck and remember never give up!


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