Is The Maury Show Really Worth an Hour Out of my Life?? Maybe.

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“You are not the father” we’ve all heard this phrase before some in real life others just on t.v. and seen the sighs of relief from guys who have avoided the dreaded “BABY… MAMA…. DRAMA!!!”. But some men have taken to a particular form of celebration to express their extreme happiness and that’s the skillfully done “You are not the father dance”

Not since the moonwalk has a dance captured the imagination of so many. The splits, dips, cabbage patches, and other Bell Biv Devoe nostalgia are enough to make my tear ducts overflow with watery delight. I remember watching an episode of Maury, when this fellow feeling an incredible amount of jubilee looked right in the camera and started to quote the toll free number of the Maury show, informing other potential “baby daddies” where they could go or where they could run to determine if little Anthony really has daddy’s eyes or the eyes of the rather rude fellow who keeps eyeballing him everytime he goes to visit his girlfriend. But I must say I love the Maury dance I feel it’s the kind of art that should be featured in schools and at plays and…. wait I’ve lost my train of thought. It appears that Maury is on my tele.

Now I like most college students love making a little side coin. And one way I found to generate the elusive dollar is to sell the books I own online. Yes no longer a tool to keep the table from falling over now it is an instrument for adding size to my wallet much like extenze but that’s a different article.So where do you sell these books you might ask? whom would be willing to trade currency for my bathroom companions? The answer is…. Yes these lovely souls will purchase your books and provide you with free shipping. What does that mean? You can ship your dust collectors I mean books your not using to their office for free and they send you a check in the mail or money through paypal. Sweet! Its about time I got to do something with my books other than read them and occasionally look at the pictures. So what have we learned people, 2 things actually. Maury’s show has better dancers than broadway and books are meant for reading, and pictures and selling.


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