Weight Loss With Slimming Teas

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Weight loss is now a major concern for many people; they try newer and newer things to attain the perfect body shape and size. We cannot deny the day by day increasing health problems caused by the excess weight. Today most of us live a sedentary life style like sitting with computer or laptop for long working hours. And after working for such a along time no body gets the time for exercise or yoga.

So, we all need something miraculous in life with which we can shed some weight without using much effort. That is the reason why more and more persons are getting interested in the products like slimming tea or green tea.

Reasons for using slimming tea: The basic concept behind these slimming teas is the process of Thermo genesis which means burning the fat of the body by increasing metabolism of the body. These teas work on this concept and if we take these teas 5-6 times a day then it will burn around 45-60 calories/day. 

But it is more recommendable for getting the other benefits like arthrosclerosis, reducing high cholesterol, cancer, liver problems, regulating body temperature and blood pressure etc. as compared to the weight loss.

Types of slimming tea: There are various types of slimming teas available in the market:

Green Tea: This is mainly derived from Caffeine. It also has polyphenols which gives it bitter taste. It has got anti-oxidant property which helps in reducing the free radicals inside the body and helps in protecting the body from several diseases.

Ginseng Tea: It is prepared from the herb Ginseng which helps in reducing weight.  Fukien Tea: It is made from the herb Fukien and besides weight reduction it reduces cholesterol, prevents arthrosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Cho Yung Tea: This tea is made from herbs and is rich in polyphenols which are the phyto chemicals having several health benefits. Besides these teas, there are more and more slimming teas frequently being introduced worldwide in the market which claims that they are best in the market.

But before using them blindly, we should also ascertain their side effects like diarrhea, hot flashes, anemia, irritability and health risks during pregnancy. But if they are used judiciously in limited doses and along with the other physical exercises then definitely they will produce the slimming effect.


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