Japanese: The Ultimate Fun Food

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I’m not much of a risk taker or a big fan of Japanese food, but when I had a coupon for a new Japanese restaurant in town, I was suddenly feeling more adventurous. To my surprise, it was a lot better than I had expected, and as I laughed my way through dinner, I just knew I had write a semi sumo pseudo-review all about it.

The miso (pronounced: “ME so”) soup comes out first, and I’m thinking it has to taste better than it looks. My husband tries it first, and I can tell he doesn’t like it, but the new daredevil in me wants to try it anyway. Well, even after 2 tries, I didn’t like it, so I’m renaming it misonono (pronounced: “ME so no no”), which lucky for me is even more fun to say.

Then I order edamame (pronounced: “edda mom A”), which are soybeans in the pod, steamed and salted. When they arrived, I still didn’t have any silverware, only chopsticks that oddly were connected at one end, and I almost broke them apart before I realized they probably did that on purpose (for people like me).

I wasn’t sure if I should eat the edamame with my fingers or chopsticks, but I chose the latter (until my happy hour Cosmo kicked in, then I think I ditched the chopsticks). These were very good! It seems you don’t actually eat the pod, though (I learned this the hard way) – you just put it in your mouth and pull out the soybeans…FUN!
I also had cheese sticks with spinach and chicken and vegetables that we shared, but these were uneventful.

We wanted to try the Saki (pronounced: “SOCK e”), a Japanese rice wine, but we had heard how powerful they can be, and one of us had to drive home. Plus, we saw that Sundays are Saki days (interesting) so we’ll come back another time – with another coupon.

So, as you can see, Japanese food truly is the Ultimate Fun Food because it is as much fun to eat as it is to say. Well, here’s to a Saki Sunday coming soon…hope to see you there!


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