Sleeping Tips For Newborns

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I suppose I could say I’m lucky as most of the time my baby is content and happy. He is now ten weeks old and has fallen into a good sleep pattern. All thanks to a few helpful tips and advice from other new mums which I’d like to share with you.

At first my baby slept in a Moses basket in our bedroom. When he woke up at night I would take him to his nursery to change his nappy and then the living room for a feed. Once all this was done it would be back into bedroom for sleeptime again.

This all took time and it would take a while for him to nod off. What I didn’t realise at the time was that the reason for this was over stimulation. By taking him all round the flat and back to bed I was making him think it was playtime especially when going to the living room.

When another mother suggested the following simple changes my nights were much better:

Never leave the bedroom during the night with your baby was the best thing I was told and it worked a treat. I made sure I had everything I needed in the bedroom for the night ahead. – Spare dummy, nappies, wipes, sick cloth, spare clothes, bedding etc and a bottle of water.

When he woke for a feed I put the landing light on and kept the door open for a little chink of light to see what I was doing. This also benefited my other half as this light was more subtle and didn’t disturb him so much.

I have a spare drawer where I had all items I required and obtained another changing mat for in our bedroom.

Because I wasn’t wandering all around the flat as before, once the feed was done, all I had to do was pop baby back in the Moses basket content and fast asleep!

For the transition into his cot my partner and I picked a d-day. This was when he was on his weekend off so if it was going to be a torturous night we could share going back and forth. 

With a date set I made sure for about ten days leading up to this for all daytime naps that I put my son in his cot straight after feeds awake or asleep to get used to the new environment.

Then after five days the first half of his night sleep 7pm till 10pm was also in his cot before he joined us in our bedroom in his Moses basket for the rest of the night, as he was then still used to.

When d-day arrived (he was 7 wks old) and the night was not as half as bad as I imagined. In fact he only woke twice during night.

By being advised this routine from my experienced mum friends, my son is now falling asleep on his own at 7pm after bathtime and he only wakes at 2am for a feed most nights. 

Setting a date is really useful as not only can you gradually get your child used to his or her cot and nursery, it also can be planned when you know your partner is free from work to lend an extra hand.

Hope this advice helps.


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