Creating a Special Family Time This Weekend

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Okay I grew up in the sixties and the seventies and part of me can’t imagine a better time to spend my childhood and teen years. We didn’t need a lot to be content… we always had fun. I don’t remember ever being bored! So what did we do that was so entertaining??


1. We played outside… every season of the year and lots of times, our parents were right out there with us.

2. We went on picnics… nothing fancy, but everyone looked forward to them!

3. We made our own toys… okay dad made a lot of them. I even remember an old set of bed springs that he hooked up to a tree. We spent hours swinging on it.

4. We went to the lake… it was free!

5. We had  a home movie night at least once a month. We loved that. My kids aren’t the least bit interested… yet!

6. We had one night a week when we could request a tea party with mom… on a one on one basis. That was our chance to unload whatever was bothering us!

7. I can still remember blowing up a bunch of balloons one night and batting them around the kitchen. Even dad got involved! Can you imagine suggesting that today??

8. We played board games a lot! Today, there are a lot more board games on the market. That should make this suggestion a whole lot easier!!

9. Go skating as a family and if you build an outdoor rink, it’s even more fun.

10. I’m still thinking about this one!

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