Before You Hire an Events or Wedding Planner

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Never choose the first vendor you meet. In this industry, it is better to carefully look and ask credentials or portfolios of the vendors. You need to compare which vendor is right for you and works for you.

I have a guide that will help you sort out the hassle in choosing the best vendor for your wedding. Here are the following:

Insight No. 1 – Word of Mouth helps. Get reviews from your family, friends, relatives or even neighbors about different vendors you want to hire for your wedding.

Insight No. 2 – Are they certified? Do they belong in an organization? Do your research. Call the vendor and talk to them. See if you like them over the phone. Communication and rapport is vital.

Insight No. 3 – Compare reviews from the first vendor to the very last vendor you meet. If they work full time or part time. If they can work within your budget or not. Ask more questions about their duties. Know how organize they are. Ask them if they have a preferred vendors list of their own. Get to meet or talk to them. See if they are worth your every penny. They should be able to educate you about their role and responsibilities for your wedding.

Insight No. 4 – Deal with the price. You can get a good deal with the vendor. If you specify what you really want for your wedding. Be practical. Have control over your budget. If you can save that is much better. You can save for your honeymoon or for buying your own home.

Insight No. 5 – Read and re-read contracts. Make sure that what you have agreed to must be printed or written and signed. Make sure that your contracts states about design changes, emergency situations, refund policy, no show policy, cancellation policy and payment schemes. If anything goes wrong, you have the contract to fall back on.

Insight No. 6 – Do not forget to talk about details for your ceremony, cocktails and reception. You should be specific in giving out information about the kind or type of flowers, your gown design and style, genre of your entertainment, attire for the entourage, hair and make up, invitations, favors and most importantly that lively and funny host who will brighten up everyone’s day at the reception.

Insight No. 7 – Set a timetable for every vendor. Time is always the key to a prompt and relaxing wedding.

Insight No. 8 – Do not forget to have every vendor have a PLAN B in case, something happens.  


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