Shopping For Christmas All Year

If you really think about it, we can get all of our shopping for Christmas finished way before the Holiday season arrives.

There are certain times of year when particular items go on sale. Did you know that the best time of year to buy electronics is not only Black Friday but, during back to school sales in August and September?

Tax free weekend in August is great, but not neccisarily the best time to buy big items. Check out the list below for more great times to save money!

Here are some ideas:

We can find clearance items for wrapping paper, tape, bags and all other Christmas accessories and decorations this month of the year. It is a great time to stock up for next year.

Valentines Day arrives this month and there are many good sales on jewelry. You can actually purchase your gifts of jewelry this month and hold on to them to give at Christmas.

Generally, stores begin to bring out their Spring merchandise this month. That means you can find great deals on winter clearance items.

April and May:
Keep your eyes peeled for sales on new summer and left over winter merchandise in April and for Memorial Day sales in May.

June and July:
You may be able to find summer items going on sale in June and you will definitely find Fourth of July sales in July. You may also find some winter items being sold at great low prices during these months.

Brings us tax free weekend. This is a great time to purchase big ticket items and save!

Fall is on its way! Summer clearance is out and fall merchandise is on the way in. You will also find back to school sales going on. 

Summer clearance may still be lingering and winter merchandise starts to surface.

Do I even need to say this… Black Friday! Need I say more?

Enjoy a relaxing month!

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