tv Shows Canceled Too Early

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.: The Complete Series

A western.  Already I know that sounds bland but it wasn’t.  It was this great little show about a point in American history where a lot of important stuff was happening but more importantly to the show it was a point in history that people in the future were time travelling to.  The primary villain Bly was from the future.  It took a few episodes to find this out but he was trying to track down this “Orb” which would grant him great strength and other abilities never quite explained.  My only complaint about the show was that only about half the season was about the science fiction element.  I believe the writers were trying to relive their childhood days of watching westerns a lot.  Every science fiction episode was worth watching.  The others are pretty much throw away.

Wonderfalls – The Complete Series

This show is a little harder to descibe.  A woman in her early 20’s who doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life works in a souvenir shop and lives in a trailer even though her parents and siblings are incredibly successful starts having crazy things happen to her.  Inanimate objects shaped like animals begin talking to her and telling her to do things.  And if she doesn’t do them the animals become relentless and sing and sing and talk and talk and keep her up all night until she does them.  What makes the show entertaining is that sometimes the animals are very vague about what it is they want her to do.  Uttering only a short sentence leaving her confused as to not only what to do but sometimes who to do it to.  It was an amazing show and is worth checking out.

Pushing Daisies: The Complete First Season

Pushing Daisies: The Complete Second Season

A show about a guy who can raise people (or animals) from the dead with a single touch.  The downside is that if the person stays alive for 60 full seconds then another person or animal that is nearby and of equal value will die and will not be able to be brought back to life.  So if he touches them again before the 60 seconds are up then they die again and can’t be raised again.  They used this ability to solve murders and earn reward money.  Ok so i’m sure that description makes it sound like an interesting show and it was don’t get me wrong.  But the production value was also amazing.  The special effects, the music, the voice over guy.  The show was about imagination more so than anything.  It was like a fantasy land where nearly anything could happen.  It was romantic, it was heart breaking, it was funny.  Do yourself a favor and watch the series.

The Middleman

Another show that is difficult to describe.  Its a science fiction show about a guy who is in charge of defeating evil aliens or demons.  It was on ABC Family which I think was its first mistake.  I think it was TV guide who said that the show was too intelligent for that network.  And i agree.  The dialogue was fast paced and very involved.  Lot’s of big words, you kind of felt sorry for the actors.  Wendy Watson, lovingly nicknamed Dub-Dub, for you know, W. W. intitials, gets involved as kind of a Middle Man in training.  The show is mainly a comedy but you have to keep up because the jokes come fast and some of them are very very subtle.  There is also a running gag in pretty much every episode that is unique to that episode.  You have to pay close attention as they don’t make it obvious, for example one episode uses the back to the future movies as a running gag.  The middleman keeps introducing themselves to people using fake names and in this episode he refers to himself as inspector Tannen and his partner inspector Clayton.  Both are last names in the back to the future 3 movie.  There are about 10 or so references i think but the fun part is listening for them.  check it out.

Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series

Ok, one could argue this show does not belong on my list because it lasted four seasons.  That’s more than most shows get.  But where the show went wrong was not focusing more on the time travel aspect.  They should have done what the most recent movie did.  This show could have been the quantum leap of star trek which would have been perfect since both shows starred Scott Bakula.  I will stop there because I only believe the show had great potential and was disappointed the writers didn’t see it.

Friday the 13th the series

Friday the 13th: The Series – Complete Series Pack

It last 3 seasons.  It should have lasted more.  The concept was great all they really needed was a larger budget.  An antique shop that sold magical (cursed) objects to people.  When the owner dies and leaves the shop to his niece and nephew they take it upon themselves to try to retrieve these objects because people are dying because of them.  My favorite episode was about a guy who used a cursed object to travel back in time and retrieve Civil War related items and sold them in present day as antiques in the best possible condition.  In order to go back in time though he would have to murder someone first.  That was pretty much how any cursed object worked.  Kill someone and then the object would do something weird.  A wood chipper would spit out money of the approximate value of whoever was shoved into it.  Kind of gruesome I know but it was a dark show.

Reaper: Season One

Reaper: Season 2

This show last two seasons.  It was a little cut and dry action in the first season and became more about character development in the second season.  it was about parents selling the soul of their unborn child to the devil.  Then when that child turned 18 or 21 i don’t remember he would become property of the devil.  The devil uses the kid to capture souls that have escaped hell.  Hence the action in the first season.  Very sci fi but also very funny.

Kyle XY – The Complete First Season – Declassified

Kyle XY: The Complete Second Season

Kyle XY: The Complete Third And Final Season

Lasted 3 seasons and that’s nothing to really complain about but the show was about a kid who was essentially a test tube baby who was incubated for like 16 years which made him incredibly intelligent.  He was like a super computer and he also was physically superior in many ways to a normal person.  But the show had heart.  Sometimes a little too much heart in my opinion but nonetheless the worst thing about this show was that it ended. 

Voyagers! – The Complete Series

Yes, the show has its flaws. mainly it was made in the early 80’s. and they made that kid cry way too much. there were a few times where i felt as though the crying was super appropriate and it made you feel for the kid since both his parents were dead and all that. other episodes they tried too hard. otherwise the show was canceled too early. they were just getting really good. they had an evil voyager that they had to go clean up after now. that was what was missing in the beginning, an explanation as to why time needed help at all. now there is a perfect one. yes there is a paradox caused by it but let’s suspend the disbelief and just enjoy what could have been an awesome time travel show. i would love to start this show again. 30 years later and the evil voyager has done a ton of damage that jeffrey jones has to repair. phineas bogg will of course will have been murdered by the evil voyager since sadly the original actor was killed accidentally in the 80’s. but i think it would do him and the show justice to try it over.

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