10 Things Your Son Won't Want in His Christmas Stocking!

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I was sitting around the breakfast table this morning wondering what to write about today and for some reason “stocking stuffers” jumped into my mind… and each year, I can remember asking my kids what they liked. They told me what they DIDN’T LIKE… and I hadn’t even asked about that. So, don’t add any of the following lol! This generation of kids aren’t quite as easy to please as we were.

Now lets consider some of these stocking stuffers! Now… cross them off your list.

1. socks… for some reason, they don’t have problems with holes in the bottoms!

2. an orange… I guess it’s the fact that it’s good for them. Christmas stockings should be filled with candy or money… and only expensive candy I was soon to learn.

3. Life Savers… what?? I loved finding these in my stocking every year!!

4. School supplies… guess they don’t want to be reminded.

5. Fuzzy candy… because I didn’t wrap them first in plastic wrap and they stuck to the stocking. I never did live that one down!

6. Minature bottles of shampoo… so they didn’t have to borrow mine! I thought that it was a good idea!!

7. Coal… sometimes they deserved it lol!

8. New toothbrushes… again, no fun I suppose. They would rather have items that gave them cavities

9. Toothpaste… now if I picked one up that played one of their favorite tunes… maybe!

10 Dental floss (so I cared about their teeth??… they still weren’t impressed lol!

And in closing… although my kids were pretty picky about what they didn’t want, they weren’t ready to say that they were too old for Christmas Stockings.  I guess you just never outgrow a stocking that Santa filled. 😉



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