Creating Family Traditions This Christmas

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Growing up Italian, we celebrated what is called, “The feast of the seven fishes”. Every Christmas Eve, the entire family got together and ate fish! My mom would take me with her over to her sister’s house and we would spend the entire day preparing food for that nights gathering. It was a great time for the family to spend time together and bond!

Now I am a wife and mom myself. I no longer live in New Jersey but in North Carolina. My sister and her family live here as well and we continue to keep the tradition of seafood on Christmas Eve with our families. We have also added some close friends to our mix!

We have established some new traditions for our family as well. These are things that myself, my husband and our son all to together. One tradition we do each year is we get in our pajamas and ride around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights! I make a batch of hot chocolate and we take our spill proof cups with us on our ride.

Here is a list of some ideas for you to start your own family traditions. Several of these ideas we do in our family too!

Bake together

Create Christmas cards together

Listen to Christmas music and dance and sing around the house

Bring cookies and treats to the neighbors

Have a snowball fight / build a snowman or fort

Attend a Christmas play or musical

Go to Church

Read the Christmas account from the Bible Call family and friends

Have each person pick up a phone and all talk together Craft together

Make snowflakes out of paper or purchase a craft to make

Make an Advent calendar and reveal each day’s goodies

Make Christmas gifts

Write a Christmas song and sing it

Take a video of your family talking, dancing, singing, or decorating the tree and mail it to a far away family member or friend

Watch a Christmas movie together while eating popcorn

Read Christmas books

See a Christmas parade

These are just a few ideas to get you started on your way to creating your own family traditions. Get creative and have fun together!


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