Argentina And Brazil, Are The Chosen Ones in South America

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Both countries, Argentina and Brazil are ranked among the most visited destinations in South America. One by its cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires, with its tanks and legends of Buenos Aires, with Rio de la Plata, Caminito, and another for its white sand beaches, its carnival and Christ the Redeemer, among other attractions.

But, undoubtedly, in its extension both territories are so rich in tourist proposals that it would be impossible to enumerate all the internal destinations. But what we can recount, are the most visited places in Argentina and Brazil.

Therefore, in Argentina, one needs to place among the most visited places in Argentina the Iguazu Falls in Misiones province located in the north of the country, also cities like Bariloche and El Calafate, in the south of Argentina in La Patagonia, the Valley of the Moon a beautiful and bizarre landscape of the province of San Juan, and how could it be otherwise, the capital city, Buenos Aires.

In Buenos Aires there are many very nice places for dancing tango, it suggestive national dance that appeals to many foreigners around the world. Buenos Aires is plenty of theaters, restaurants, shopping, business trips and tourist and historical sites of the most varied.

But, undoubtedly, the list does not end in these places mentioned. All South America appears attractive to tourists worldwide, by the natural beauty of each location, its stories, its attractions and its friendly people. And please if I may counsel, this is a worthwhile experience. More information about tourist information of Brazil you can check this link: For tourist information in Argentina you can check this link: and also if you are thinking of travelling to Argentina this website is great to book tour packages to Argentina:


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