How to Make Granola Berry Parfait

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Granola Berry Parfait

1 cup unsweetened mixed frozen berries, thawed

1 6 oz. container low-fat plain yogurt

1 whole-grain crunchy granola bar, crumbled

Layer berries, yogurt and crumbled granola bar.

Healthy Tips:

Workout first thing in the morning before you eat. This is called “running on empty” you will burn calories from the day before rather than burning the caloires you just ate in your breakfast. Run first then eat second = fast fat burning.

No Soda. (this includes diet)

Dietsoda = Formaldehyde

Fomaldehyde = disinfectant

Exercise more = you will soon be addicted (it takes time to get to this stage)

Decaffeinated Green Tea = Wonder Drug

Organic fruits and veggies is a must!!

Soy products, beans, and nuts (almonds give alot of protein) <– you can add these in your cereal too!

Do not use oil whenever you can. Fry food with adding just enought water (usually a tbsp at a time) to not burn or stick

Eat Fruit Alone!! This will help you digest it without it sitting in your stomach and ROTTING!!

Carbs- Complex = Good / Simple = Sucks!

Simple Sucks Carbs include white flour, white rice, white pasta, and white sugar

Complex Good Carbs inculde brown rice, whole wheat, potatoes, yams, vegetable rice, sweet potatoes, barley, corn, and beans


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